Zona Peligrosa (Danger Zone) is a  short bonus line that connects White Ridge proper to the overflow parking lot via a steep and technical descent off the mesa. The trail starts fast and flowy as you come to the edge of the mesa, and then the trail takes a technical left hander (Image Below) with massive exposure on the right hand side, you do not want to blow this turn.


After you make the turn , there is a 40-45% chute that you mach down with your brakes mostly locked up. This whole section is VERY exposed on the riders right. (Image Below)


After the chute, you thread between some rocks and roll off of a large rock outcrop into a loose, steep, open hillside (Image Below) and navigate to the bottom of the trail.


This hillside dumps you out into a sandy wash that will lead you back to the overflow parking area. Enjoy!

Click this link to go to my YouTube Channel and  watch a GoPro POV run down this trail!



This is the Strava segment for the steep section that comes off the mesa. Average grade of -24% with a max grade of -45%, this is truly a steep chute! You lose almost 120 feet of elevation in less than .1 miles!

Below are two images of the White Ridge (it has been renamed from White Mesa) Trail System. The first is an area overview of the entire trail network. The second is a zoomed in image showing where Zona Peligrosa at Junction 17 heads South towards the overflow trailhead.


Take Junction 17 back towards Cabezon Road to hit Zona Peligrosa!


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