Matt Brigance rides the Central Spine at White Ridge. This is perhaps the most exposed trail in New Mexico, and always offers stunning views, especially at last light!

After we shot this photo, Matt and I set up our lights and did a night ride around the White Ridge main loop, which I highly recommend. Certainly my favorite night ride I have ever done, it felt like riding on another planet.

Want to ride this trail?


This is the MTBProject info for the White Ridge Main Loop. The trail bisecting the main loop is the route to take for Center Spine, which you can see below.


The route is obviously very exposed, but there are several forks in the trail to avoid the most exposed section, which drops down on the riders right. About halfway down and after some steep areas the trail flattens out, but then comes to a very large drop, probably about 6 feet tall, which many people will have to hike down. There are several very steep pitches in this section as well, reaching up to -32% in places. Most of the riding is not incredibly technical though, so as long as you are comfortable on steeps you should manage ok.  If you are ready to try something different and challenging, try the Central Spine next time you are out at White Ridge Trail System!

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