Daniel is a guy I have gotten to know really well from our riding adventures over the last few years. The two of us have a tendency to get ourselves in over our heads at times, but always seem to want more. We have traveled the southwest together, on a mission to ride the best trails around, and the ones that are lesser known as well.  All i really know, is Daniel is always up for a bike mission, and has a propensity for pointing his bike down the steepest, loosest trails around and letting off the brakes!

Daniel and his new Nukeproof Mega

DSC_0629 copy

DSC_0623 copy.jpg
Daniel is running WTB STi25 Wheelset and Nukeproof’s own dropper
DSC_0603 copy.jpg
One of the cleanest badges in the game
DSC_0606 copy.jpg
Nukeproof cockpit and Shimano stoppers
DSC_0607 copy.jpg
Rockshox Yari 
DSC_0610 copy.jpg
Rockshox Monarch Plus HV
DSC_0612 copy.jpg
Some 50:01 inspiration 
DSC_0613 copy.jpg
Nukeproof’s new Horizon Clipless pedal
DSC_0620 copy.jpg
Sram NX drivetrain

DSC_0595 copy.jpg


Rider’s Perspective: Daniel Rhodes 

DSC_0656 copy.jpg
Daniel blasting Alamos Vista trail in Santa Fe, NM.

Where are you from, where is home now, and how long have you been riding?

I was born and raised in Albuquerque and I still live here. I’ve been riding for a little over 3 and half years now.

Age / Height / Weight

I am 22 years old, 6 feet and 1 inch tall, and weight 165 pounds.

How do you make a living?

I work at REI.

Why do you mountain bike?

Mountain biking can be the most frustrating thing sometimes whether you are dealing with mechanicals, flats, or just not feeling it, but when it all comes together its one of the most satisfying and gratifying feelings in the world. Its also pretty hard to beat exploring new places with your buddies.

DSC_0324 copy 2.jpg
Getting loose on a borrowed bike in the Magdalena Mountains, NM. 

Favorite Local Trail / Zone

This is a hard one as I like different zones for different reasons but I would say my favorite trail is the upper section of Otero Canyon in Tijeras. From a steep shoot to rocks, roots, and jumps it has it all.

Best non-NM trails you have gotten to ride

The best trails I have ridden outside of the state are all the trails off Teton pass and Shadow Mountain in Wyoming.

Dream Destination to ride tomorrow

Fraser river free ride lines, although I do not think I have the skill for that yet. haha

DSC_0700 copy 2
Sending the desert spine on the Quebradas Trail outside Soccorro, NM.

Best Strength / Worst Weakness of your riding skill set

I would say my best strength is steep loose technical terrain.
I’ve got a lot of weaknesses but I would say the worst one is jumps and big drops.

Do you have any racing experience? How has that effected your riding?

I have only raced once before but I do plan on racing more in the future. Racing taught me to not worry about what every one else is doing and just stay focused on riding.

Worst crash

My worst crash was on Otero and I broke my collarbone hitting a jump.

DSC_0755 copy.jpg
Threading the needle in the Dona Ana Trails in Las Cruces, NM. 

Favorite bike you have ever owned

My favorite bike I have ever owned is my current bike, the Nukeproof Mega 290.

Dream bike

A Kona operator supreme in dark green and black, with a fox 40 and matching coil.

Inspirations / Favorite Riders

All of my riding friends are always pushing me and showing me what’s possible. As far as pros go I would say Sam Hill has been one of my favorites since I started riding, along with Rat boy, James Doerfling, and too many others to name.

This was the first photo I ever shot of Daniel riding bikes, probably three years ago. We managed to score some golden light up in the meadow on Birdhouse, Tijeras, NM. 

When you aren’t biking you are …

Working, going to school, fishing, or looking for archaeology.

Favorite Pre-ride food, Post-ride food

My favorite pre-ride food is breakfast consisting of sausage, hash browns, 3 eggs, an avocado, with hot sauce.
My favorite post-ride food is sushi!

Best place to get a burrito? Red or Green?

The absolute best place to get a burrito is Last Call, and I normally go with green!

DSC_0039 copy
Did I mention he likes to get drifty? Foothills, Albuquerque, NM. 

Favorite Tunes at the moment? Do you listen while you ride?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Mac Demarco lately. I used to listen to music every time I rode but now it happens less and less, especially if I’m riding with someone.

What makes New Mexico a great place to live and ride?

Lots of good riding with lots of variety, we also have a good amount of winter riding. The weather is generally pretty good. The food here is also pretty hard to beat.

Words to Live By

Eat That Shrimp!
Free ride and die!

DSC_0635 copy
Sideways is the right way! 

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