This weekend was the last two days of lift access at the Pajarito Bike Park in northern NM. Naturally, a bunch of riders showed up to ride the steep loose trails that are on offer here. We put together a short video edit, experimenting with a gimbal for the first time, and sessioned some drops near the base to get some stills.

Watch the video here! Trails include: JR, Dogpatch, and Chupacabra.


DSC_0976 copy
Daniel Rhodes navigating the skinny going into a jump.
DSC_0986 copy
Daniel at the end of the skinny jump.
DSC_0992 copy
Eric Cook back from injury with a bar tweak. 
DSC_0998 copy
Khyren Hoskovec getting it!
DSC_1001 copy
Ron Cura with some whip action. 
DSC_0991 copy
JJ Squires with the boost!
DSC_0966 copy
Khyren sending a wooden step down. 
DSC_0969 copy
Daniel leading JJ into the step down. 
DSC_0971 copy
JJ with that signature boost. 
DSC_0943 copy
Daniel steps to the larger drop. 
DSC_0949 copy
JJ sending to the yellow carpet. 
DSC_0939 copy
Ron wasn’t far behind. 
DSC_0959 copy
JJ following Daniel into the yellow. 

It was a great day spent on sessions and taking some hot laps on the steeper trails. After not being on the bike for 10 weeks due to injury, it was really inspiring following so many rippers, and we were all just stoked on the perfect fall riding.

Pajarito has recently received funding from the City of Los Alamos, and hired Hogan Koesis (head park designer at Angel Fire Bike Park until recently) so there looks to be bright things ahead for this mountain!

Special thanks to all these guys for keeping the hype up and being down to shoot photos and video for MTBNM!

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