I met JJ for the first time last year, and he made an impression on me right from the start. He is such a friendly, genuine, and passionate guy, and is always putting out the good vibes on and off the bike.  Then we started riding and he blew me away with his jumping ability and bike control! JJ seriously rips! Keep reading to get to know JJ, and peep his wicked Slayer.

JJ’s Rocky Mountain Slayer

2017 Rocky Mountain Slayer. 165mm Rockshox Superdeluxe, 170mm Rockshox Lyrik.         All bike photos courtesy JJ Squires
Deity Holeshot Handlebars
Paired with Deity Saddle


Magura 4-Pot Stoppers
Maura MT Trail Levers
Squeaky Clean!

Rider’s Perspective: JJ Joshua Squires

DSC_0991 copy
Pajarito skinny whip. Photo: Ron Cura


22 / 5’10” / 140 lb

How do you make a living?

I am a server at Olive Garden and occasionally get paid for photography work.

Why do you mountain bike?

When I was in 8th grade I was on a track team. The workouts for that team were hard and whipped me into shape super fast. That summer, my dad took me to ride a trail called Aspen Vista in the Santa Fe mountains which goes to the radio towers above the Santa Fe Ski area. I beat my dad to the top of the mountain by about 10 minutes. The feeling of freedom and the exhilaration of beating my dad to the top of the mountain for the first time was amazing! I remember just being at the top of the mountain and feeling like I could do anything. And then came the downhill, which got me even more hooked. From then on I have been on my bike continually because it’s a constant reminder of that first feeling of freedom I felt at the top of the Santa Fe mountain. That’s why I mountain bike.

JJ3 copy
This feature is no joke! Roller on, huck off! Photo: Eric Cook

Favorite local trail or zone

Glorieta camps holds a special place in my heart, and Chili Dog is my favorite trail there to go full bore on.

Best non-NM trails you have ridden

Hard one. I’ve had the chance to ride so many trails outside of New Mexico, but I do have a favorite place. Not to be cliche, but Moab. Of course. It’s amazing.

Dream Destination to ride tomorrow

Another hard one, dang! New Zealand for sure

JJ4 copy
Casual table over the expert line on the Glorieta flow trail. Photo: Eric Cook

Best strength / Worst weakness of your riding skillset 

Strength is probably boosting and steezing jumps
Weakness is definitely corner speed.

Do you have any racing experience? How has that effected your riding?

I have a ton of racing experience. I raced cross country for several years and managed to make my way up to racing in the expert class before I graduated from the junior class. I then took a break for a while. Just this year I started racing again and I raced 2 downhill races, 3 xc races and 2 enduro races. The xc racing got my fitness to a whole new level and that base fitness has allowed me to pursue any other type of mountain biking. I began jumping when I was 15, and practiced and practiced and practiced until I was able to comfortably jump and do a small group of tricks. That is why I am so steezy.

JJ1 copy
Never not boosting! Photo: Eric Cook


Worst crash

This is such a stupid one for me. So when I was 7 i was riding at Glorieta before it had any of its mountain bike trails. I was riding down a hill with my family and saw a car stopped at a stoplight and panicked…. Instead of grabbing a handful of back brake, I grabbed a huge handful of front brake and flew over the bars. The result was 2 very strained arm bones which were almost broken. I couldn’t lift anything heavier than a matchbox car for almost 3 weeks. It also resulted in three stitches in my chin. I was terrified and in pain. Also, I dislocated my shoulder riding in my backyard alone going over the bars.

Showing the DJ some love in La Tierra. Photo: JJ Squires

Favorite bike I’ve ever owned

I’d be tempted to say my slayer, but actually it was my Niner, Jet Nine. It took me on so many adventures and is the bike I learned almost everything I know on. I love that bike still

Dream bike

Probably a Rocky Mountain Instinct carbon with full fox Factory and XTR with some Stans ZTR FLOW wheels and Deity cockpit would be cherry. But also the same build on a Carbon Transition Sentinel.

First race of the year! Pinned at the Return of the Zombie Goat. Photo: Mike Cartier

Inspirations/ Favorite Riders

Aaron Gwinn. He’s just a legend. Scotty Cranmer is inspirational.
Fabio Wibmer is endlessly talented. Matt Jones is a sick rider and his new video is sick!
And Who doesn’t like the family man Cam Zink? Also Ritchie Rude and Jessie Melamed are pretty awesome!

When I’m not biking I am

Going to school, photographing, skiing, acting, singing, filming, editing, procrastinating, eating, sleeping. I’ve got a pretty full schedule.

Full commitment! JJ had a blast at his first Southern Enduro Series stop. Photo: Mike Cartier

Favorite Pre-ride food, post-ride food

Well… anything available, and seafood tacos

Best place to get a burrito. Red or green.

Tia Sofia’s KILLS IT!! Green fow show!

DSC_0949 copy
Falling from the sky into classic golden carpet! Photo: Eric Cook

Favorite tunes at the moment

Ummmm…. Weak by AJR??? Idk, it changes daily. I don’t listen while I ride trails, it’s distracting. I’ll listen to some good hip hop or rock at the skate park to keep me stoked.

What makes New Mexico a great place to live and ride?

Ah man. So much. I thought at one time that I wanted to get out of here ASAP, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized there’s no place I’d rather be. The art and abundance of culture in Santa Fe alone is incredible. There is such a huge diversity of people who are generally friendly and welcoming. The mountain biking/BMX scenes are great! I love having people to get stoked with where ever I go and in whatever I do. Also, the diversity in terrain and availability of trails is epic! I’ve lived here all my life and still find new trails to ride every time I feel adventurous. It’s fantastic!

Words to live by

If you’re a jack of all trades but a master of none, you’ll have more fun doing more things with more people and you’ll never be bored because you’ll never be stuck doing just one thing.

JJ2 copy
Canyon gap? Into a massive headwind? Sent. Photo: Eric Cook

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