One of the most anticipated races of the year went down this weekend in Glorieta, New Mexico. Yeti Cycles Big Mountain Enduro hosted a sold out race with some big name pros and fast locals all duking it out on the rugged technical high desert trails.

The race day was comprised of four stages, each offering plenty of challenges. The first stage, Broken Arrow, was the longest of the day and had a few opportunities to hammer the pedals and gain some extra time. The second stage, Janker DH, is a true downhill trail that tested even the best riders. With grades nearing -50% and lots of moon dust, it was a slip and slide! The penultimate stage was Jagged Axe, one of the premier trails in Glorieta. This trail is littered with big “A-Line” features and has some massive rock garden sections. Check out our previous Trail Feature for Jagged Axe for more. Stage four was the fan favorite Chili Dog, another technically challenging trail, especially after a long day on the bike. It ends with the classic heckler zone rock drop, with hundreds of fans turning out to witness hucking and carnage.


Stage 1 – Broken Arrow

3.8 Miles, 1,575 Ft Descended, Average Grade -7.8%, Max Grade -24%

Trail Preview from Daniel Rhodes following Corey Spoores



ETS_5550 copy.jpg
Kona’s Scott Countryman keeps it tucked on the first stage of the day. He finish an impressive 5th place in pro.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5558 copy.jpg
Follow Cam Legend Nate Hills gapping where most others rolled.  Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5563 copy.jpg
Pre-jump banshee speed.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5574 copy.jpg
Alexander Vidal putting his YT to work.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5587 copy.jpg
Josh Snow of Alien Bike Shop gapping on Stage 1. Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5604 copy.jpg
Adam “Prosauce” Prosise repping for Team Rudeboy and keeping it pinned!   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5613 copy.jpg
The champion on the day, Richie Rude, visibly faster than most.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5628 copy.jpg
Shawn Neer won here last year, and was just off the podium with a 6th place finish in 2018.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5651 copy.jpg
Getting loose like a goose.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5671 copy.jpg
The American Dream pre-drifts into 2nd place.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5685 copy.jpg
Flying every time I saw him, Blake Mastrangelo!   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5691 copy.jpg
Cameron Joye putting it down for Leatt.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5701 copy
Trevor McCutcheon just outside the top 10.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5713 copy.jpg
Ryan Geiger riding for Absolute Bikes.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5729 copy.jpg
Yeti Development’s Bryn Bingham leaning in the trees.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5735 copy.jpg
Dylan Stucki corning hard on Stage 1.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5740 copy.jpg
Janker Ted right behind and on the gas out of the corner.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5778 copy.jpg
Women’s Pro winner Cooper Ott was cooking on Stage 1.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5787 copy.jpg
Rachel Straight not far behind, finishing 2nd.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5795 copy.jpg
Kona’s Becky Gardner gripping and ripping.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5800 copy.jpg
Lauren Bingham locked in through the tight lower section.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5809 copy.jpg
Leigh Bowe shoulder tucking and looking fast!   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5820 copy.jpg
Fellow Colorowdy Ariana Dittmer looked fast on course all day.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5828 copy.jpg
C3 rider Wade Washburn keeping his Evil on track.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5858 copy.jpg
Arin Teter on the straight away towards the end of Stage 1.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5870 copy.jpg
Andrew Dunlap with his best race face.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5887 copy.jpg
Leaning it over into the straight, Ryan Reish looking sharp.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5904 copy.jpg
Broken Spoke rider JJ Squires wide open.    Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5908 copy.jpg
Heart and Soul’s Jake Rehfeld staying off the brakes.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5927 copy.jpg
Shawn West corner smashing.  Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5931 copy.jpg
Flagstaff’s Mike Hardt on one!  Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5938 copy.jpg
Expert Men’s winner Josh Gaube on his way to victory.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5948 copy.jpg
Colorowdies were out in force! Brett Kreyche with the flyby.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5968 copy.jpg
Most stoked, Travis Barrett grinning and pinning.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5973 copy.jpg
Matthew Thomas came down from Colorado to shred some NM dust.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5994 copy.jpg
Jordan Bawden running smooth on Stage 1.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_5999 copy.jpg
Keeping it between the tape. I saw a few people make mistakes going through this section.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6022 copy.jpg
Ryan Baczurik was the only Rudeboy not repping the rasta colors.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6026 copy.jpg
California’s Gil Esquivel fast through the woods.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6060 copy.jpg
Joe Nicholson leaving it all on the track.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6069 copy.jpg
Austin Eberting made the trek from Texas for BME round 1.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6075 copy.jpg
Alex Scott of Jagged Axe Trail Designs, the evil geniuses behind these trails. 4th place on the day!   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6091 copy.jpg
Jake Matthews shredding the brown pow.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6145 copy.jpg
Wendell Montgomery floating over the rocks.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6167 copy.jpg
Isaac Miller was on a mission.    Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6180 copy.jpg
MST Adventures’ Corey Spoores on a heater.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6201 copy.jpg
Robert Thomas threads the needle.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6218 copy.jpg
Brendan Smith floating between the trees.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6247 copy.jpg
Team Trail Party’s Alec Zogas living up to the name.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6258 copy.jpg
Yeti’s Mike West storming through to finish 1st in Vet Men.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6321 copy.jpg
Brandon Sims of Heart and Soul Racing on the hunt!   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6336 copy.jpg
A rare Propain bikes sighting.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6345 copy.jpg
Michael Aish pumps his Nomad through a corner.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6360 copy.jpg
Shannon Crockford leaning mean.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6391 copy.jpg
Not messing around, Wade Wilderman in attack formation.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6440 copy.jpg
There wasn’t any shortage of corners on Stage 1.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6483 copy.jpg
Lance Mason giving it a puller.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6505 copy.jpg
Katie Gillen on her way to 2nd place! Congrats Katie!   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6513 copy
3rd Place Merel Witteveen crushing the last chunky section on Stage 1.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6529 copy.jpg
Not bothered by the tech, Kate Baugh taking the straight line.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6542 copy.jpg
Sallie Hoefer keeping on the pedals, almost at the Stage 1 finish.   Photo: Eric Cook

Stage 2 – Janker DH

0.5 Miles, 530 Ft Descended, Average Grade of -18.7%, Max Grade -48%

Trail Preview from Ron Cura following JJ Squires.



IMG_3560 copy
Bartolomej Stuchlik on a technical roller section of Stage 2.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
Peter Ostroski coming into Stage 2 on a mission.   Photo: Tara Beresh
IMG_3571 copy.jpg
David Camp chute blasting.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
Two riders coming down the steeps.   Photo: Tara Beresh
IMG_3575 copy.jpg
A Colorowdy getting loose in the steeps.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
Kona rider Ryan Gardner getting drifty.   Photo: Tara Beresh
IMG_3613 copy.jpg
Nicolas Sears leaving a roost cloud in his wake.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
Ryan Geiger getting pitched!   Photo: Tara Beresh
Riley Bartz staying up!   Photo: Tara Beresh
Flagstaff’s Jesse Calvin cleaning corners.   Photo: Tara Beresh
Steep dusty chutes are what Kevin Stiffler eats for breakfast.   Photo: Tara Beresh
Timothy Morris casually destroying in jean shorts.   Photo: Tara Beresh
The American Dream keeping it janky.   Photo: Tara Beresh
IMG_3625 copy.jpg
Curtis Keene right at home on steep dusty trails.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_3644 copy.jpg
Curtis thanked Richie for “breaking all the rocks”.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
Richie Rude using every bit of his suspension.   Photo: Tara Beresh
IMG_3653 copy.jpg
Just 2 seconds off 2nd, Marco Osbourne finished 3rd today.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
Marco Osbourne way behind the saddle.   Photo: Tara Beresh
IMG_3666 copy.jpg
Shawn Neer disposing of all the dust on track.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_3685 copy.jpg
Blair Reed dropping in!   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_3689 copy.jpg
Eddy Cohn had a DNF, but he was fast when we saw him!   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
Another shot of Eddy Cohn keeping it loose!   Photo: Tara Beresh
IMG_3704 copy.jpg
Jake Oswald dirt blasting.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_3709 copy.jpg
Trevor McCutcheon trying to stay off the brakes.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_3721 copy.jpg
Local pinner and one of the namesakes of this trail, Janker Teddy Jaramillo letting it go!   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_3734 copy.jpg
Cooper Ott took every stage win for Pro Women, total domination!   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_3743 copy.jpg
Rachel Straight was consistent on every stage, never out of striking distance.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_3756 copy.jpg
Lia Westermann cooking into the next chute. 4th for her!   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_3761 copy.jpg
Lauren Bingham letting it rip!   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_3827 copy.jpg
Becky Gardner navigating one of many tight steep corners.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_3873 copy.jpg
Did we mention steep corners?   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_3935 copy.jpg
Eric Bodine of Guerrilla Gravity sending it.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_3901 copy.jpg
Tight and twisty, with serious steeps.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_3949 copy.jpg
Tim McMorrow foot out for safety. Or maybe style.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_4014 copy.jpg
The chase is on.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_4031 copy.jpg
Rut dust smashing was the name of the game for Janker DH. Kevin Wood obliges.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_4095 copy.jpg
Tom Bush brought his best shirt and best manual skills, too.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_4087 copy.jpg
Matt Seifers hauling the mail.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_4144 copy.jpg
Alec Zogas finishing strong on Stage 2.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_4160 copy.jpg
William Hoitsma full send to end the stage.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes

Stage 3 – Jagged Axe

1.5 Miles, 895 ft Descended, Average Grade -11.2%, Max Grade -32%

Trail Preview from Daniel Rhodes following Dave Marquez and Ian Eagle



IMG_4192 copy.jpg
Rudeboy Ryan Baczurik sending on Jagged Axe.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_4209 copy.jpg
Myles Overstreet hitting the big Jagged Axe drop.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_4232 copy.jpg
Chance Sims pulling.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_4264 copy.jpg
Watch your 6!   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_4291 copy.jpg
Patrick Rodriguez keeping it smooth through the rough.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes
IMG_4329 copy.jpg
Floating above the tape.   Photo: Daniel Rhodes

Stage 4 – Chili Dog

1.2 Miles, 778 Ft Descended, Average Grade -12.3%, Max Grade -42%

Trail Preview from Ron Cura 




ETS_6603 copy
Nate Hills gapping the A-Line on Chili Dog.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6607 copy.jpg
Alaskan Peter Ostroski is down to risk it for the biscuit.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6621 copy.jpg
Blake Mastrangelo riding a hovercraft.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6625 copy.jpg
Dylan Stucki opting for the roller line on Stage 4.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6642 copy.jpg
Sean Perry on the edge.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6678 copy.jpg
Shawn Neer coming over the top.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6695 copy.jpg
Cole Picchiottino fast through the Chili Dog chunder.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6701 copy.jpg
Marco Osbourne leaning his Cannondale over.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6708 copy.jpg
Cooking corner is Quinn Reece’s game.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6713 copy 2.jpg
Teddy Jaramillo coming through faster than most.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6721 copy.jpg
Kyle Doyle AKA Hashtagthatshit with some hang time on Stage 4.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6733 copy.jpg
Rachel Straight sending the step up farther than lots of the men.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6737 copy.jpg
Up and over and onto the next rock section.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6741 copy.jpg
Yeti’s Lauren Bingham bobs and weaves.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6749 copy.jpg
NM’s Syd Schulz crushing through the rocks.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6787 copy.jpg
Trek rider Evander Hughes, eyes on the prize.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6792 copy
Sedona local Lars Romig on a ripper, 2nd Place Expert Men.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6808 copy.jpg
Andrew Dunlap light and quick in the rock gardens.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6840 copy.jpg
CO rider John Bailey focused on the task at hand.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6844 copy.jpg
NM’s Shawn West in attack mode on the final stage.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6849 copy.jpg
Rock garden blasting is no issue for Matthew Thomas.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6862 copy.jpg
Lil dusty out there.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6902 copy.jpg
Balance and composure.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6906 copy.jpg
Keeping the fingers off the brakes for a rare straight section.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6921 copy.jpg
Heart and Soul Racing’s Kendal Weingardt looked fast out there!   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6946 copy.jpg
A Colorowdy doing the name justice!   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6957 copy.jpg
Rock chute sending for Ryan Cutshall.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6986 copy.jpg
Travis Barrett smooth through the rock section.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_6989 copy.jpg
Jake Rehfeld in his first enduro race! Killing it out there man!   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7003 copy.jpg
Curtis Cole came away with a 5th Place at the days end!   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7010 copy.jpg
Rafael Guevara repping Team Rudeboy.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7025 copy.jpg
Corner destruction courtesy of Patrick Rodriguez.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7027 copy.jpg
Knee out, eyes up. Andy Burns coming through for 5th place Am.  Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7031 copy.jpg
Nick Carlucci corners harder than most.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7037 copy.jpg
Wendell Montgomery leaving everyone behind for a 3rd Place finish!   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7050 copy.jpg
Rooster tail.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7054 copy.jpg
Front wheel dirt spraying, Michael Selden getting after it.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7065 copy.jpg
Kevin Quattlebaum finishing the day strong.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7093 copy.jpg
Top Ten finish for Tim Lynch today!   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7114 copy.jpg
Isaac Miller riding for Knolly Bikes. He was fully pinned every time he went by.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7151 copy.jpg
Matthew Cork with his best race face.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7159 copy.jpg
Mitchell Rea stays composed through the last stage.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7164 copy.jpg
Corey Spoores tucked and holding on tight!   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7181 copy.jpg
Pete Hvidsten throwing roost after a pass. Congrats on 6th!   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7217 copy.jpg
The tongue of Matt Reichel making an appearance on Stage 4.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7288 copy.jpg
Evan Fry holding his line.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7326 copy.jpg
Sending for the camera, Jesse Hansen bar tweaking.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7379 copy.jpg
Oregon’s Jeremy Covey getting behind the saddle for the entry to the heckle zone.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7477 copy.jpg
Todd Munson boosting the classic ender drop of Chili Dog.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7453 copy.jpg
Joe Lawwill sending it as the spectators gather in force for the gnarly ender of Chili Dog.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7484 copy.jpg
Local ripper Eric Breden lets it huck.   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7491 copy.jpg
DL Wood coming in hot, 3rd Masters Men!   Photo: Eric Cook
ETS_7496 copy.jpg
Crowd perspective, entertainment by Shannon Crockford.   Photo: Eric Cook



Expert Open Men:
1st: Josh Gaube
2nd: Lars Romig
3rd: Robby Madeiros

Amateur Men:
1st: Chris Thomas
2nd: Aidan Scott
3rd: Wendell Montgomery

Master Men 40+:
1st: Mike West
2nd: Joe Lawwill
3rd: Jonathan Reed

Master Men 50+:
1st: Dee Tidwell
2nd: Don Fritts
3rd: DL Wood

Amateur Women:
1st: Ariana Soto
2nd: Katie Gillen
3rd: Merel Witteveen

Master Women 40+:
1st: Amber Tinstman
2nd: Krista Birkelo
3rd: Lisa Gustin

U21 Men:
1st: Max Sedlak
2nd: Travis Claypool
3rd: Talus Lantz

1st: Aidan Bond
2nd: Braden Linde
3rd: Izak Boarman



We hope you enjoyed MTBNM’s coverage of the opener of the Big Mountain Enduro race series for 2018. Glorieta Camps is some of the most celebrated riding in our state, and it was amazing to see the turn out for this event. From world level pros, to the weekend warriors and the groms on the come up, everyone turned out!


Stay tuned for more race coverage coming from the Scott Enduro Cup at Angel Fire in a few weeks!



Mountain Bike New Mexico



Words and Layout: Eric Cook

Photographs: Eric Cook. Daniel Rhodes, and Tara Beresh.


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