The riders of New Mexico are a big part of what makes riding here so rewarding! This series  captures the unique personality of NM riders and their bike set ups. Mike Hill seems to know just about everyone who rides a bike in NM, can out-ride me on a single speed, and has a huge passion for bikes! Get to know Mike (and his bike!) in MTBNM’s Local’s Series Interview!

Mike Hill’s Banshee Phantom


Frame: 2014 Banshee Phantom, Size Large, Built with Rockshox Suspension, Monarch 105mm in the back, Pike 130mm in the front.


Cane Creek Topcap, Chromag Fubars OXS, Chromag Stem.


Hope Pro 4 Hubs and Shimano floating rotors.


Another view of the Hope Pro 4 hubs, which are laced to Spank Oozy Rims. Mike runs a  Shimano XT 1×11  drivetrain. Shimano XTR Pedals keep his feet locked in.


Rockshox Monarch takes care of business on the back of the bike.


Mike runs Maxxis tires, a 2.5 Minion DHF in the front and this  2.3 Minion SS in the back.


Fox Transfer Dropper Post and Chromag saddle.


Shimano XT Brakes do their best to slow Mike down. Gotta love that Banshee badge.

Rider’s Perspective: Mike Hill


Where are you from, where is home now, and how long have you been riding?

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM, I have been mountain biking for about 8 years.

Age / Height / Weight

Right now as I type I am 36 years old, 5’11” tall and I weight 193 pounds

How do you make a living?

I work inside sales at a company that supplies Pumps, Valves, Cooling Towers, etc. to Municipalities, Commercial and Industrial markets.

Why do you mountain bike?

I mountain bike because it keeps me sane, I have met so many wonderful people, and recently I have discovered so much joy in sharing this awesome past time with my nephew. I am so stoked he is enjoying it as much as I do.

Favorite Local Trail / Zone

My favorite local trail system is the East side of the Sandia Mountains, pretty much everything back there.

Best non-NM trails you have gotten to ride

I haven’t ridden too many trails outside of New Mexico, but my favorite that I have ridden is Porcupine Rim.

Dream Destination to ride tomorrow

A “Dream Destination” to ride would probably be somewhere like BC or Italy.

Best Strength / Worst Weakness of your riding skill set

My best strength on a mountain bike would probably be left turns, my weakness would probably be right turns.

Do you have any racing experience? How has that effected your riding?

I have some xc racing experience… I think friendly competition is always a good thing for anyone. For me it has taught me how to relax more during my everyday rides. I think it’s also taught me how to look farther ahead and pick better lines.

Worst crash

 Placitas, end of the day, poor visibility… put my front wheel in a rut and hit the deck. Ended up with a new AC separation in my left shoulder, hiked 3 miles out using my jersey as a sling, only to realize my car was standard transmission and I had to hitch a ride with a hiker who was finishing his hike. About a year later I separated my right side in the same place, same part of the day, but I was riding with a freind so that made things a little easier.

Favorite bike you have ever owned

I would say my current full suspension, but our relationship is too new to say that… so my Kona Honzo it is at the moment.

Dream bike

Evil Following or Yeti Sb5.5 or Trek slash 29 or…. man this is a loaded question.

Inspirations/ Favorite Riders 

I don’t really follow professional cycling, I really like all the people I ride with here locally they all inspire me to ride. My nephew Seth has been a great inspiration as of late, since he has gotten into the sport.

When you aren’t biking you are …

Hanging out with my wife… she is pretty awesome.

Favorite Pre-ride food, Post-ride food

Oatmeal with peanut butter and honey.

Best place to get a burrito?   Red or Green? 

Hmmm…. at home and red.

Favorite Tunes at the moment? Do you listen while you ride?

I don’t listen while riding but lately “la coka Nostra” and “canned heat” have been my pre-ride jams.

What makes New Mexico a great place to live and ride?

The weather, the views, and the trails.

Words to Live By

Just have fun with it.


Mike wallriding over a cactus! Just having fun with it.

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